Pure Editions: the imm cologne’s new format for the makers of visionary furniture concepts

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Pure Editions: the imm cologne’s new format

At the international interior design show in Cologne, exclusive design brands have always been keen on coming together to form inspiring clusters. As a result, during the last imm cologne, some exhibitors had to move their style icons a little closer together in the legendary design stronghold of the No. 11 halls. The Cologne fair therefore wants to set aside even more space for this segment in future – with a new level in Hall 3, a new format and new exhibition concepts. Because for both the trade fair organisers and their exhibitors, it isn’t just the quantity of space that counts, but the quality of that space as well.

The design brands’ presentations also attract a great deal of attention from visitors. This is where they can find concentrated clusters of innovations, unusual product displays and lifestyle. It was precisely because of this group of exhibitors’ uncompromising design orientation that the organisers decided to name the segment “Pure”.

Since the show moved into the new exhibition halls, anybody who wants to get an idea of the latest original interior design ideas and avant-garde designs from the wide spectrum on offer at the imm cologne has been able to find what he is looking for under this name in the three halls 11.1, 11.2 and 11.3. Three years ago, the Pure halls branched out into the neighbouring hall (3.2) with Pure Village, where design providers big and small – some of them young firms, others established companies – take up residence in a predefined exhibition architecture and present their extremely diverse mix of interior design collections alongside one another. Pure Village has proved to be an ideal counterpart to the big brand presentations in the No. 11 halls. The success of this innovative format is an endorsement both of the Pure concept and the appeal a planned exhibition architecture evidently holds for this segment.

In future, the imm cologne wants to accentuate and publicise this traditionally strong key theme of “design” even more. The great demand for premium exhibition space calls for targeted expansion of the Pure offering. The imm cologne 2013 will therefore see the addition of a third Pure element: Pure Editions, a platform for creative brands with visionary products and product concepts.

The no. 11 halls – the historic heart of Pure and its biggest section in terms of area – are the home of major design brands who want to present their product lines and innovations in the context of a strongly branded booth. Pure Village, on the other hand, with an exhibition architecture that is divided up into small sections and thus resembles urban structures, is ideal for staging accentuated product displays and unusual interiors. Here the focus is on the product itself.

Pure Editions now offers exhibitors a third dimension for presenting themselves. Here too, the architecture is consistently designed but in this case also totally open, providing a stage for a strong statement by visionary brands. Pure Editions brings them together on the basis of their innovative character whilst simultaneously highlighting their uniqueness. Therefore, only one guideline has been specified for the design of these brands’ presentations: openness. At visual level the booths, which will occupy spaces of between 50 and approx. 150 m² and be individually designed by the exhibitors, will be kept open and accessible. Otherwise, there are no other restrictions on the creativity of the design avant-gardists invited by the imm cologne. Exhibition designer and Creative Director of the imm cologne Dick Spierenburg, the man behind the concept and face of Pure Village, is confident that Pure Editions will yield some highly emotional scenographies: “Pure Editions caters to the urge to create something out of the ordinary that has always been a mark of leading design-oriented companies. This space won’t just be inspiring, it will be a showcase for visions.”

Pure Editions: the imm cologne’s new format
Pure Editions: the imm cologne’s new format

The concept behind the new format allows for the presentation of visionary collections with creative products, innovative materials and new applications. Statements on trend-setting interior design themes are also to be shown here. But according to Dick Spierenburg, the focus need not be exclusively on new products: “There is no reason why products that broke new ground a long time ago and are now valued as classics shouldn’t be compatible with the Pure Editions concept as well. First and foremost, it’s not so much ‘new’ products we’re interested in as ‘novel’ products. All brands that explore these themes and are used to staging top-class presentations are welcome to join us in the Pure Editions hall.”

In addition, Pure Editions will also provide a permanent home for the fabric producers who present their products in Cologne every two years and, with their combined presence under the Pure Textile brand, have become an integral part of the imm cologne. They depict the wide variety of high-end decorative fabrics that are becoming increasingly important for the interior design context that exclusive furniture is embedded in. From 2013, top brands Christian Fischbacher, Création Baumann, JAB Anstoetz, Kinnasand, Nya Nordiska, Sahco, Chivasso, Wellmann and Zimmer + Rohde will be occupying approximately one quarter of Hall 3.2 with booths grouped around a space-defining central axis.

Pure Editions combines the exclusive character of this hall with the experimental: on ten platforms located in open spaces between the booths, various designers – some of them young, some already well-known – will be collaborating with the companies involved to create a series of compact and creative exhibitions and installations. Like the participating brands, the themes for these stages will be selected by a small team headed by Dick Spierenburg. The same high standards of quality that apply to “Pure” will be binding for Pure Editions as well.

This prerequisite has already proven its worth in the case of Pure Village, which will be moving to Hall 3.1 as part of the expanded concept. The architecture, layout and hall structure will remain just as unaffected as the concentration of top-notch design events hosted here: as well as the lecture forum “The Stage”, Pure Village will also be home to the “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” project again next year. In addition, the newcomer forum [D³] Design talents will be taking place in the Pure Village context too, with a presentation of the winners of the [D³] Contest and a series of exhibitors from [D³] Professionals. With the new design of the arcade between halls 11 and 3, a visit to the Pure world at the imm cologne will once and for all become a consistent and exciting design experience. On the mezzanine between the No. 11 halls and Pure Village, visitors will in future be able to acquaint themselves with the highlights of the International Interior Award “en passant” and take a break at one of the stylishly designed eateries. The Pure segment, comprising Hall 11, Pure Village and Pure Editions, is thus increasingly consolidating into a holistic design event within the imm cologne.


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Pure Editions: the imm cologne’s new format
Pure Editions: the imm cologne’s new format

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