The exhibition ‘Surface&Interface’ in Milan will unveil a new technology. It will inspire creative companies to continue to innovate through design


Valresa Coatings – the chemical company specialised in technical innovation of digital printing on wood – together with Red (Spanish Design Companies Association) – and with the support of ICEX, will exhibit nine inspiring projects for the built environment. All are brimming in the creativity of Spanish design.

On the occasion of the Milan Furniture Fair (Tuesday April 4th to Sunday April 9th) the exhibition Surface&Interface will take place at the Palazzo di Litta de Milán.  


This exhibition has been commissioned by Manuel Lecuona, Professor of Design Management at the Universitat Politècnica de València. He states; “It will show how technology and design can work hand-in-hand in the built environment in Spain and where to strengthen the value of design. It will give examples of how innovation can benefit other guardians of creativity and experimentation; interior designers, architects, designers and artists. These are tangible projects that explore and give context to the decorative value of surfaces in the digital era.”

Surface&Interface presents a selection of signature products from nine Spanish furniture and design brands. In each one, a graphic creation from various designers has been incorporated, with the aim of bringing together design with digital printing through the Virtual Melt technology from Valresa. This initiative, fruit of a collaboration between RED (Spanish design companies association) and Valresa, opens the doors for further projects that unite design processes and manufacturing.

This digital-based technology permits the integration of influences derived from social changes, new ways of creating, ‘sharing’ culture and 4.0 industrial processes.


Virtual Melt is a new technology for printing on wood. It opens a world of possibilities in creation and design: 

Virtual Melt is a new technology from the Valencia-based firm Valresa. It was born through research and development that started three years ago with the goal of finding a new process for decorating wood with digital printing technology. The result maximises graphic effect, and innovates the furniture and wood sectors.

Digital printing on wood allows personalisation on any surface, be it flooring, cladding or pieces of furniture. On top, it integrates into the natural properties of the wood.

To mark the debut of Virtual Melt, Valresa proposed first-time collaborations between the visual arts, furniture design and interior design, to create personalised pieces and surfaces.


About the designs on display:

A group of Spanish designers, mostly #RedMembers, have experimented with technology and creativity using various designers. Many of the pieces on show are already classics of Spanish design, here rendered with a new graphic aspect, which has been made possible by this new technology. In the show, you can appreciate how these graphic interventions create a worthy, new dialogue in each piece.

For example, the illustrators Bendita Gloria proposed a series of drawings on a bookshelf from Mobles114 that indicate where to places drinking glasses, becoming coasters printed directly onto the surface. The small tables from Viccarbe incorporate paint stains, lending them an ‘arty’ touch that simulates an accident. On the other hand, Punt’s desk has been printed with a ‘grid’ that recalls technical notebooks; a reference to the precision of the work carried out when sitting at the desk itself.

Bendita Gloria drawings & Mobles 114's bookshelf


Small tables from Viccarbe


Punt's desk


Pepa Reverter has decorated the new organic leather of the geometrically volumed Free Port by BD Barcelona Design with pencil etchings and ceramic elements. The Cunningham armchair has been altered with the armrests of the Tack chair by DVelasplaying with the lines of the plywood in its structure. The NIT lamp/corbel by Estiluz has been rendered with a map of Barcelona on its surface, the designer choose this print with an emphasis on the functionality and versatility of this piece in hotels. The maps of many cities in the world have become an icon of the metropolis itself and in this case corresponds to Barcelona because it is where NIT has been conceived. The oak Canaleto parquet flooring from MH Parquets appears uniquely aged, yet avoids repetition thanks to blemishes and transparent elements that interact with the natural markings of the wood. The Lasso table from Omelette has been superimposed with a pattern that represents the grains of various types of wood. And lastly, the Duplex coffee tables from Sancal have been decorated with a graphic element that recalls Hermann’s grid illusion, playing with the perception of the user.


Free Port Series, Skin de Pepa Reverter BD BARCELONA


Altered Cunningham armchair by DVELAS


NIT lamp/corbel by Estiluz


The oak Canaleto parquet flooring from MH Parquets


The Lasso table from Omelette


Duplex coffee tables from Sancal


Brands and designers:


BD BARCELONA DESIGN: FREE PORT by Martí Guixé and graphic design by Pepa Reverter.

DVELAS:  CUNNINHAM armchair and graphic art by Arraitz Koch and Enrique Khale.

ESTILUZ: NIT lighting and graphic design by CrousCalogero.

MOBLES 114: TRIA bookshelf by Massana and Tremoleda, and graphic design by Bendita Gloria.

MH PARQUETS: CANALETO ROBLE parquet and graphic design by LaSelva Studio + Lorena Ruisi.

OMELETTE-ED: LASSO table and graphic design by Iratzoki Lizaso.

PUNT: ERNEST table and graphic design by Borja García.

SANCAL: DUPLEX auxiliary tables and graphic design by Mut Design.

VICCARBE: SERRA auxiliary tables and graphic design by Victor Carrasco.


The Valencian studio Estudi{h}ac has carried out the exhibition’s architecture in the majestic yellow salon of Palazzo Litta. They have placed the products around Virtual Melt’s digital printing technology, which has been used by each of the creatives.  The show Surface&Interface forms part of “Matter of Perception”; a large design, creativity and technology expose in the Palazzo di Litta. It unites 30 exhibitions selected by the international culture and design magazine DAMN.

Taking part of Milan Design Week - the most important world event for the sector – the different applications of Virtual Melt will inspire designers and manufacturers, and open doors to creative possibilities. Not forgetting the general public looking for ways to personalise their environments.

ICEX, Spain Export and Investment, has supported this exhibition on Spanish design and technology applied to the built environment.


Palazzo di Litta de Milán
Corso Magenta, 24, 20121

April 4 – 9, 2017

Hours: 11am - 9pm 



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